Start•All Upgrade Kits

Update your old two cable 716 or 718 Start•All®

Stop using outdated technology! Get the benefit of reverse current protection to keep your generator safe and advanced voltage regulation for today’s sensitive vehicle electronics. Our Upgrade Kits provide simple operation with all the controls and instructions in one location. You’ll prefer the simplicity of full-power boosting through one set of cables.

Upgrade Kits include
  • Voltage Control provides regulated voltage that is safe for vehicles and on-board electronics
  • Reverse Current Shutdown Protection eliminates expensive repairs to the Start•All® if the unit runs out of gas
  • Reverse Polarity Protection will not allow the Start•All® to be turned on if the cables are not hooked up correctly
  • 30 ft., 1/0 cable with 1000 amp clamps with full-power jaws and polarity indicator
  • All-internal wiring, solenoids and switches
  • Volt and amp meters
  • Instructions and wiring diagram
  • 61-800 Kit Converts 2-cable systems to a 12 volt single cable unit
  • 61-803 Kit Converts 2-cable systems to a 12/24 volt single cable unit (includes two new isolated ground generators)

The Voltage Control Module you need

Our voltage control module addresses the issue of generator damage that may occur if a Start•All® runs out of gas while connected to fully charged batteries.

  • Retro fits to most Start•All® units
  • Standard on all new Start•All® units
  • 61-784 Kit For 11-620 Start•All®
  • 61-785 Kit For 11-610 Start•All®