2000 Series: Enclosed, 3-in-1 Power Centers

Take multiple components for multiple service functions, put them in one box, from one manufacturer, and you have the 2000 Series Power Centers. Gas or hydraulically powered, these mobile work stations give you DC stick welding power, up to 5,000 watts of AC power and up to 24 CFM air power to keep you on the job and in the field.

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  • GPC 02-200

    Dimensions: Unit with fuel tank: 20″W x 48″D x 25″H, 625 lbs. Unit footprint without fuel tank and control box: 20″W…

  • GPC 02-500

    Dimensions: 20"W x 48"D x 25"H, 545 lbs. Hydraulic Requirement: 10 GPM @ 2500 psi – 15 GPM @ 3000 psi…