Goodall Antizap 32-020



Antizap Clamp-on surge protection 12 volt


Antizap Clamp-on surge protection 12/24 volt


Antizap Permanent mount 12/24 volt


Warranty: General | 1 Year

Product Description

Antizap Device

Eliminates the need to disconnect the battery from the terminals while welding on a vehicle. Simply clip on the Antizap Surge Protector and you’re ready to weld. Protects sensitive electronics, reduces labor time and pays for itself after one or two uses.

  • Protects vehicle electronics during MIG, TIG, or Argon Arc welding
  • Fully insulated booster clamps with 2-function Antizap protection
  • Eliminates the time needed to disconnect the battery
  • Just clip the clamps across the battery and the green LED indicates complete electrical system protection

Ensure your vehicle is correctly grounded before welding.

The Antizap Surge Protector will not protect against induced current created by incorrect welding procedures.  Always follow manufacturer’s instructions.  Additional Antizap surge protection may be required for accessories wired into the vehicle’s wiring harness between the point of weld and the battery.  If in doubt, seek the advice of an electrician prior to welding.  Goodall Mfg.’s warranty is limited to the replacement of a defective product.  Goodall shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages.