Download the Start∙All Troubleshooting Guide for gas-powered and hydraulic Start∙All units

The troubleshooting guide is for use on Start∙All units with the current 890-635 voltage control module.  If your unit has the 70-600-k voltage control module, or no voltage control module, call Goodall at 800-328-7730 for any troubleshooting or other technical help.

start all trouble shooting guide          hydraulic unit troubleshooting guide

How do I tell which voltage control module is on my Start∙All unit?

The 70-600 voltage control module will have 2 wires with a glass fuse.  The 890-635 voltage control module will have six (6) multi-colored wires with a blade type fuse in the orange line.

How do I tell if my Start∙All unit has been upgraded?

If you have the 890-635 voltage control module currently on the unit, you do not need to be upgraded.  If you have the 70-600 voltage control unit, you will need to upgrade the unit.

What do I do if I don’t have the 890-635 voltage control on my Start∙All unit?

Call Goodall Technical Service for the correct upgrade kit the distributor nearest to you.

What are the advantages of upgrading my Start∙All unit?

By upgrading your unit, you will gain advanced voltage regulation to protect the electronics and computers on the vehicle to be jump started and simple operation with all controls and instructions in one location.  Our voltage control module helps prevent the generator damage that may occur if a Start∙All unit runs out of gas while connected to fully charged batteries.

What if I need help with a different unit (CapStart, Boost∙All, Super Boost∙All, FleetStart, etc.)?

For help with any other unit, please call Goodall to speak with our Technical Support staff.  Please have a model number and serial number available when calling.

Where can I get a wiring diagram or an owner’s manual for my Start∙All unit?

Wiring diagrams and manuals are currently unavailable on our website.  Please call Goodall at 800-328-7730 to request a diagram or manual.

Why do I need to follow the Troubleshooting Guide in the order it is written?

The Troubleshooting Guide has been designed to test your unit in the order written to ensure accurate results.  It is necessary to follow the troubleshooting steps in order from beginning to end.  Failure to do so will result in false readings and may cause delays in the troubleshooting process.

Who do I contact for questions about the Troubleshooting Guide?

Technical Services for Goodall can be reached at 800-328-7730.  Please have a model number and serial number available when calling.

How do I find the serial number for my Start∙All unit?

It is important to provide a serial number when calling Goodall for help with your unit.  This ensures that your unit is properly identified and you will get the correct parts.  The serial number will be a silver and red foil tag located on the unit.  The location may vary depending on the specific model of Start∙All.  Please see the illustration below for some examples.

Click Here for Serial Number Locations

Where can I take my Start∙All unit to be serviced?

There are many service centers located across the country that are qualified to work on the Start∙All units.  Please call Goodall for assistance in finding the service center nearest to you.

Why can’t I find my model of Start∙All on your website?

Due to innovations in technology, many of our older model Start∙All units have been replaced with newer, more advanced units.  The full line of current Start∙All units is on our website; if you don’t see your model and have questions, please call Goodall at 800-328-7730.